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Atomic Minerals is a Vancouver based publicly listed exploration company trading on the TSX Venture Exchange. The company is led by a highly skilled management and technical team with numerous previous successes in the junior mining sector.

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Our Strategy

Develop large land positions with high technical merit
Focus on regions that have hosted discoveries but remain under explored
Work in areas with stable geopolitical and economic environments

Why Uranium

  • Uranium is the only economically cost-effective solution for the looming worldwide power shortage
  • We will need 49% more electricity to power our way of life by 2040
  • Year 2021 = 17.7 Terawatts / Year 2050 = 70 Terawatts
  • Solar, geothermal and wind have scale and economic related limits
  • Nuclear energy is clean, and the waste is manageable
  • Demand for Nuclear reactors – IAEA predicts 130 new reactors by 2020
  • Worldwide production of uranium falls significantly short of current consumption: approx. 83 million lb. annual shortfall
  • Uranium prices expected to rise dramatically

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